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Vienna retina specialist

Vienna retina specialist

Our Vienna retina specialist at the Retina Group of Washington has been helping patients experiencing significant eye ailments and diseases of the retina for over 35 years. Our 26 doctors are all specifically trained and have more than 250 years of collective experience dealing with ailments of the retina, macular and related eye structures. The retina is a substance at the back of the eye that is made up of light-sensitive cells on which the light coming into the eye is focused producing a sharp image that is sent to the brain.

Our Vienna retina specialist uses cutting edge technology to accurately detect and treat retinal diseases at their earliest stages. It allows us to detect minor changes before they lead to major problems—and produces better visual outcomes. Since many of these serious eye conditions do not exhibit any symptoms until they have reached an advanced stage the only way to detect them is through a comprehensive exam. Once detected these eye diseases are monitored and treated using cutting edge methods including lasers, advanced digital imaging as well as monitoring devices such as the ForseeHome monitor for age-related macular degeneration that is used by the patient at home.

Our practice is all about education so our Vienna retina specialist believes that the more each patient knows about their eyes and their condition as well as their treatment plan the better equipped they are to make decisions about treatment. Our practice is also dedicated to furthering the science of retinal medicine and we participate in many research projects and clinical trials. Our practice also administers a fellowship program to help train tomorrow’s retina specialists. Despite the large size of our practice and our 15 locations patients find that our offices have a homey small-practice feel due to the comfortable surroundings and the friendly compassionate doctors and staff. So bring your eyes to our retina specialists for the best care available.

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