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Retina Complications in McLean

If you’re considering having cataract surgery, or you have already had it and are dealing with complications related to your retinal health, don’t turn to anyone but us at The Retina Group of Washington. We’re specialists when it comes the delicate part at the back of the eye, which also includes the macula, the small part at the center.

In any case where surgery is being performed, whether it is traditional or done with lasers, the potential for side-effects or complications exists. That’s an unfortunate fact, but the reality is that cataract surgery has a high success rate, and the results that it produces are well worth the relatively minor risk involved. This, however, does not offer much comfort if you are one of those for whom difficulties arise in the aftermath of surgery. There are two ways that our retina doctor in McLean can help. First is by doing a full examination and testing prior to your cataract surgery. Possible issues can be detected with the help of our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. And if so, then a plan of action will be devised by our retina doctor in McLean. Depending on your unique circumstances, the outcome could be that you should not get cataract surgery at this time, or that you need retinal care before you procedure begins. And if you suffer from complications that were the effect of surgery you already had done, this is most certainly where you want to come to in order to get the specialized expert attention to remedy the situation. Anything from a macular edema (swelling due to fluid in the macula) to a detached retina is addressed here with the skilled experience to keep you confident in a positive outcome.

Please contact our office to arrange an appointment to come in for an examination and consultation with our retina doctor in McLean.

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