McLean Retina Tear Treatment

Pediatric retinal tears in McLean

When your child’s retina comes loose from the rest of his or her eye, it is called a retinal tear. This differs from a detachment, where the retina is no longer connected to the eye. You want the best for your child, and when it comes to the care for this type of injury, that means us here at The Retina Group of Washington.

You may wonder how you can know that your child is in need of our McLean retina tear treatment. There are some common symptoms that you should be aware of. Among them are blurry vision, seeing spots or flashes of light, tunnel vision, or any amount of vision loss. In addition, there may be eye redness or pupil dilation. Depend on our expertise and experience to diagnose, evaluate, and treat the problem. We have been extensively involved in cutting edge research and studies with respect to pediatric retinal care. The only way to repair a torn retina is with surgery. The encouraging news, though, is that there have been numerous advancements in technology that mean you and your child can be confident in the results expected. Where will our McLean retina tear treatment occur? It may be either at our facilities or in one of the local hospitals that we have access to perform such procedures. In either instance, your child will not need to stay overnight. The surgeries are outpatient only. The purpose of having the procedures done is, other than repairing the tear, is to give your child the best chance of not having a recurrence at some future point.

We certainly understand that it may be alarming to know that your child needs eye surgery, but our McLean retina tear treatment will provide both of you with the assurance that there is an excellent chance of the best possible outcome. Please call us to arrange an appointment.

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